Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stop baby dumping!!!

Baby dumping in the world!
Poems by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Mutated flowers and fruits drop as snowflakes,
Born mutated human suffer and seek to be concerned,
The grain that implanted in the womb sucked,
The fetus formed out of wedlock washed out,
The passage to the glorious ovary camouflaged,
Gulping, injecting and inserting contraceptives,
Millions of enlightened human do it in disguise,
The human got in between the pestle and mortar,
Not knowing the convenience of development,
Carry the babies to full term and then kill them,
The babies are thrown into the dustbin alive and dead,
The babies are found in the houses of God,
While the ants and insects feast on their fresh cords,
Don't be a father to a baby that is aborted,
Don't be a daddy to a baby that is mutated,
Don't be a papa to a baby that is dumped,
Don't father a baby to a woman who is not yours.
Don't be a mummy to a baby that is washed out,
Don't be a mother to a baby that is dumped and killed.
Don't sleep around to get the pool of sperms,
identify the sperm that impregnate with handheld kit,
push into the hell of fire to stand and suffer,
we, women, are left alone when we are in trouble.


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