Saturday, September 27, 2008

O Poor People

O Poor People

Let us invoke a healthy heart-breaking
Towards the horrible world:
Let us say 0 poor people
How can they help being so absurd,
Misguided, abused, misled?
With unsifted saving graces jostling about
On a mucky medley of needs,
Like love-lit shit,
Year after cyclic year
The unidentifiable flying god is missed.
Emotions sit in their heads disguised as judges,
Or are twisted to look like mathematical formulae,
And only a scarce god-given scientist notices
His trembling lip melting the heart of the rat.
Whoever gave us the idea somebody loved us?
Far in our wounded depths faint memories cry,
A vision flickers below subliminally
But immanence looms unbearably:
TURN IT OFF! they hiss.

Poem by:

-Elizabeth Smart-


Anonymous said...

you are so kind(ha ha)

austin said...

i hate damn poor people

austin said...

yeaaa poor ppl are wackkk

Oh me Oh my said...

I borrowed this image:

for this poem:

If you are unhappy with my use of this image please inform me by emailing me at:

I do, however, hope it is acceptable with you and that you allow it to remain.

Thank you,
Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

austin ur such a bitch!!!!!

kawoix said...

Damn rich people! Damn you! Go fuck with your money!!!!

Dennis Edward Lovett said...

I liked the poem, but it could be that I have misunderstood it, though I doubt it.

But listen up: if anyone here thinks that the suffering of others is humorous, I'll be happy to give you a healthy dose of it so that you can judge for yourself.

It's all in a day's work for me.
Just say the word.

Dennis Lovett

Militant said...

The problem of poor people who are deprived from water, as in Palestine, exists also in the United States.

Anonymous said...

i pray to god dat get well soon 4 every poor pepole

Unknown said...

i hate fucking rich people....nd i luv poor people...i may nt b able to hlp them bt my blessing r alwys wth thm...