Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Save the Children

Save The Children

Save the Children
Look around you and what do you see
Death, destruction, and misery.
It is not much that they ask
It is gods will and part of our task.
Save the children and let them be free
To live their lives as we.
Give them hope- don’t let them despair
Give them a helping hand and show them that we care.
As their elders we are supposed to teach them what’s right.
Give up your arms- give up the fight.
For when we are gone the problems will still be there
Affection and love is still very dear.
Save the children and let them see
That they no longer have to live in the worlds misery.
Hungry for food and hungry for love
The bird of peace is the snow white dove.
They are hiding in mountaintops and trembling with fear
Not seeing love and showing no tears.
They learn to live in this country torn apart
And in the process they lose their heart.
Is this the way we want our children to be
Grownups fighting and butchering one another
Mother, wife, sister, and brother.
Save the children is all god asks

by: Louis Rams


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