Friday, May 16, 2008

Sabah for sabahan...What can i say?????

i've just visited the malaysia-today site just now. I tell you, "Sabah for Sabahans" is the must read articles for people of Sabah. i've follow all the comments. They say:

"Yes, agreeed Sabah for Sabahan., Only after UMNO has robbed all of Sabah treasure. UMNO dapat daging Sabahan dapat tulang. Lagi, Sabahan leaders were also robbers and gambler. Osu Sukam, and all. Most Sabahan leader sold Sabah to UMNO. Time for change. No need Tsunami, Hanya perlu kan tiupan bayu laut. Sabah negeri dibawah bayu... "

"um-no is totally irrelevant in Sabah. We don't have malay in sabah in the first place. What we have are the suluk, bajau, sungei, idahan, cocos, brunei and etc .. What is UM-NO shouting for in Sabah? Shouting for the illegal immigrants from southern philipine and indonesia malay rights to outnumber the christian bumiputra? GET LOST all the evil minded um-no goons and get your boat back to malaya! We have enough. "

great comments.
So...what can i say???
We're totally robbed by the culprits. Bastard!!! Silaka punya urang. Minta nasi orang, sudah kenyang, sisa tak habis yang dipulang semula. Sabah is not for Sabahans long time ago. The PTI a.k.a kurap sudah lama melekat di tanah Sabah. They own all Sabah treasure same as what the culprits did to Sabah peoples. What we got???? Sisa tulang dari bajingan-bajingan ini. Damn!! Damn!!

Kota Kinabalu is no longer Kota Kinabalu as you see many of kurap-kurap hanging all over there.
Just go to the general hospital, clinics, most kedai kopi, the wet market, especially the one selling fish, any fish landing points in Sabah, check out some of the bus drivers, the taxi drivers, most of the construction workers, factories, plantations etc....Hahaha...I'm thinking i'm on my vacation to Manila or somewhere places at Jolo. Terrible! so terrible!

Where is the voice of Sabah people??? Are they listening to us???


Anonymous said...

You do not need to go as far as UK to experience racism. 21 of us recently just came back from West Malaysia to be educated in one of the country’s top universities have a lot of stories to tell which are related to the matter. Funny that we were called “bunch of students from overseas” in the campus. People obviously did not consider us as part of Malaysia. Sarawakians and Sabahans in that particular university are minorities. How would you feel when West Malaysians greet you “Welcome to Malaysia!” the moment you step into your campus? Not only we felt insulted, but it also reflected the attitudes of those living in peninsular, very ignorant. As if Malaysia is only consisted of Malay, Chinese and Indian that live in West Malaysia. What about other ethnics and races in both Sarawak and Sabah, are we not part of the so-called ‘multiracial country’ too? Sometimes it makes us wonder why did Sarawak join Malaysia in the first place, are we really THAT significant? I have asked many young people of my age, in fact each of my Sarawakian friends think “It’s useless for Sarawak to be part of Malaysia now because people from the other side do not recognize us and they are more developed because they have sucked up all the wealth from our state, living us left far behind in many aspects! They even think we still live on trees! Not fair!”
When I reflected on the matter, I started to feel worry for certain thing. I wonder what will happen to us and our state’s political scene in the future, especially when one day the country and the state are going to be governed by people of my generation. Is it going to be stable, or is it going to get ugly? I do not know, only time can tell. There is even talk among us that it would not be surprising IF one day Sarawakians are going to demand for an ‘independent country’! They said, “If small countries such as Brunei and Singapore can survice it, why can’t we? We have more resources.”
This might sound like a ‘kopi-tiam talk’, but it cannot be taken for granted. I think nowadays we are not merely dealing with racism issues, but also ’semangat kewilayahan’ as mentioned by one of my friends. Should we blame it on our education system or the country’s politics? Rather than looking for a scapegoat, I guess it is better we work on a solution. This is something for our current leaders to ponder upon. Whatever they are doing now will affect they way we live in the future.

...posted by a young Sarawakian...

on behalf of ....

The Lord of the Nunuk Ragang

Anonymous said...

You're the man...but, a day experience in west malasyia could tell everything about "malaysia racism"...